Novelty in our offer - distributors up to 120 kW

Ensol has extended the range of its products with distributors for central heating up to 120kW.


The distributor is designed for central heating systems up to 120kW. It is made of steel and enclosed in EPS insulation to reduce a heat losses. It is used to facilitate the installation of mixing and pumping groups. It allows the use of a much shaller number of fittings and installation devices. It allows to save space, time and lower installation costs.

  • ENSOL distributor 2 circuits
  • ENSOL distributor 3 circuits
  • ENSOL distributor 4 circuits
  • ENSOL distributor 5 circuits
  • ENSOL distributor 6 circuits

Ensol company is an OEM manufacturer of solar collectors, pump groups, central heating systems and a general executor of photovoltaic installations.

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