320W Hybrid

E-PVT 2,0 320Wp

Hybryda 320Collector E-PVT 2,0 v2-320W is a combination of a flat solar collector and a photovoltaic module with polycrystalline silicon cells with a power of 320W. By using a bionic exchanger, the waste heat is used for initial domestic hot water (DHW) heating, as well as for supporting a swimming pool installation and heating pumps. Whereas the photovoltaic module converts the solar energy into electricity.

The temperature rise of each photovoltaic module reduces its generated electrical power. The power drops by about 0,5% for each kelvin temperature rise. The power characteristics given for PV cells in technical data refer to the module’s standard temperatures, namely 25 Celsius degrees. Therefore, in working conditions with high insolation the actual power of a standard module can be even 20% lower. By installing a thermal system in a hybrid PV-T collector, heat is received through a cooling liquid flowing through the collector. Through heat dissipation, the thermal system increases its’ efficiency of converting solar radiation into electricity, and also supplies a large amount of thermal energy.

The hybrid collector E-PVT 2,0 is a technological progress in increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic modules while converting solar energy into thermal and electric energy.

Advantages of a hybrid collector E-PVT 2,0 with a bionic absorber, which is the second generation of a hybrid collector and a technological progress:

  • Higher annual efficiency of electrical energy production, in comparison to standard photovoltaic modules,
  • The possibility of using the thermal part of the collector for an initial domestic hot water (DHW) heating, as well as for supporting a swimming pool installation and heating pumps,
  • Roof area saving and a significantly reduced mounting costs,
  • Two in one! One device ensures production of electricity and heat,
  • Lower investment cost for installations using PV-T collectors than for traditional devices (liquid thermal collectors and photovoltaic modules).

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